Mrs. Tina Garner is the owner of Victoria Educational Associates. She has taught driver education both in the classroom and in the car for over 20 years. She is a dedicated, TEA certified teacher who utilizes a multi-media approach to provide students with the best learning experience possible. Students who have completed her driver education course are very well prepared for the responsibilities associated with becomming a new, safe driver.

VEA is a firm of dedicated educational professionals with a commitment to maintain a high standard of excellence in all educational endeavors. Our state approved courses and curriculum are highly interactive, fast-paced, and fun.  Our instruction and curriculum writing services are based on effective teaching practices and the belief that all students can learn.  Education should be a cradle-to-grave process that positively impacts each individual.

Driving Test

Vea is now offering the DPS Driving Skills Test

Anyone 16-24 years old who has completed a teen course (online or with VEA) may test with us.

To take the driving test with us, you will need to bring the following:

1. Valid Learner's Permit

2. DE-964 Completion certificate from a driving course with VEA or Parent Taught course

3. ITTD Certificate of completion. (2 hour video)

***Come to us first with your paperwork before going to the DPS.***

Call 361-573-2317 to schedule an appointment

In-Car Instruction

Come drive with our experienced instructors. You will be provided with and in-depth foundation to become an experienced, safe and confident driver. We offer drive times for all ages that have a permit. No Permit? We can help with that too!

CALL US:   361-573-2317

A quote from:

Dr. Robert Alcasabas

Victoria Eye Center

Yes! The topic of online vs. classroom instruction comes up at work, soccer games and parties.

I am VERY pro-classroom and driving instruction with your program.

I tell parents, patients, etc. that it is our responsibility to forearm our children as best as posible for driving. ONLINE DOES NOT CUT IT.